With a long-track record of active, hands-on value investing in Central America and the Caribbean, FCA's management team understands the diverse real estate market dynamics in our target region.

Frank Espinosa

Frank Espinosa|Chairman

Frank is CEO of Elandis, the Libra Group’s Miami-based real estate investment and management company. He also serves as Chairman of FCA Group.

Frank worked with Libra Capital's investment management team in designing the investment strategy and business plan for FCA Group. His relationship with Libra Group dates from 1997 when his responsibility for a fleet of ships as Vice President of a shipping company brought him in close contact with Libra's global transportation business.

Having worked throughout the Central American region, Frank has intimate knowledge of its culture and commercial landscape.

Raul Gonzalez Neira

Raul Gonzalez Neira|CEO

Raul first joined the Libra Group in 2005, as CEO of its South American real estate and hospitality subsidiary. He had worked for the group’s principals in the shipping sector for the previous 10 years.

Raul brings considerable experience in business development and structuring, with a special focus in infrastructure sectors such as maritime transportation, real estate, and hospitality. He has been responsible for the development and construction of 200,000 square meters of residences, hotels and office space throughout the Americas.

Raul's training and education as a nuclear physicist, combined with his diverse business skills and a wide network of international alliances, has led him to serve also as an advisor to various renewable energy companies throughout his career.

Raul is a senior advisor to Libra Group's Latin American cleantech investment subsidiary, Greenwood Energy, and he became an advisor to the Libra Group board in 2020.

Maria del Carmen Cadiz

Maria del Carmen Cadiz |Accountant

Maria is an accounting graduate and has been in this role for the group for over 13 years.

She is responsible for keeping the accounting records of all of the group’s companies, preparing all financial and accounting reports for the parent company, and in charge of many of the administrative tasks pertaining to the management of the companies, such as tax presentations, executing payments to service providers etc.

In addition, Maria is in charge of all human resources-related activities.

Bayardo Aguado

Bayardo Aguado |Property Manager

Bayardo began working for the group in 2008 as a Property Manager. His vast experience in the business has contributed to the properties always being maintained in top condition. Part of Bayardo's success is the excellent relationships he maintains with the condominium administrations.

Bayardo's tasks are not limited to managing the properties but, as part of the FCA Group cross-functional team, he takes on other group tasks. Since he is also a certified public accountant graduate, he has been able to provide his support to the accounting department in everything that relates to interaction with government entities.

Celia Menacho

Celia Menacho |Executive Assistant

Celia joined the group in 2010. Since then, she has taken care of most of FCA Group's office administrative matters.

She also provides support to the day-to-day operations of the companies, such as maintaining relations with customers and supporting the Accounting Department in the issuance of invoices and in preparation of payment receipts. She is also in charge of procuring the supplies that ensure the smooth running of the office.

Celia also collaborates with the CEO and the Property Manager in various support roles.

Selected Investments

F&F TOWER - Suite 39A
F&F TOWER - Suite 39A
F&F TOWER - Suite 39A
F&F TOWER - Suite 39D
F&F TOWER - Suite 39D
F&F TOWER - Suite 39D
PLAZA AGORA #17 - Chanis
PLAZA AGORA  #17 - Chanis
PLAZA AGORA #17 - Chanis