FCA Group is the North and Central American real estate investment and property management arm of the Libra Group, an international business group with interests throughout the world. We officially started operations in early 2006 and now have offices in Miami, New York, Las Vegas and Panama. We have two principal capabilities: direct investment in commercial and residential real estate, and the provision of comprehensive property management services to both our own portfolio and third-party property owners. We have recently extended our real estate market scope to encompass hotel and hospitality investments.

With a broad commercial and professional network, we can also undertake partnerships at many levels – from alliances on individual projects to formal joint ventures and active co-investment opportunities. Our investment targets are typically located in primary or secondary markets secured by leases from strong and stable tenants. Our newly formed property management services company is highly complementary to our investment business, and underpins the value potential of real estate assets as well as the access to deal flow.